Bigfoot - King of monster trucks

At Autosport International, there is virtually nothing that is not on parade. Starting with a small white go-kart on to a mutilated Ferrari that was battered into becoming a limousine, as well as remote-control cars used as paintbrushes, right through to the Batmobile itself. But the king of the fair halls is not Lewis Hamilton's World Champion McLaren but rather the European incarnation of the 'Original Monster Truck' - Bigfoot.

10 ft. high, around 12ft 6" wide and 18ft in length: Bigfoot 17 may not be the largest monster truck in the world (that one is the similarly-named Bigfoot 5 in the USA), but with its 4,300 kg (9500 lbs) and 1.68 Meter high tyres it is the heavyweight of all racing cars on show. With 130 km/h (80 mph) top speed it can keep up with the Sixties Batmobile and would certainly scare Lewis' MP4-23 in corners.