Peugeot 3008 - Crossover MPV SUV

There were once the days when it was easy to assign a vehicle to its class in the market. There was the mini class, the compact class and then the medium class. Anyone who needed more room for family and hobby but didn't want unhinge their finances would have been satisfied by a compact estate car. End of story. Everyone was happy and nobody was asking for vans, SUVs or anything else.

Nowadays, not even the surfeit of SUVs and estate cars that apparently qualify within the definition of 'compact class' (which in any case has very little in common with what the term was originally supposed to mean) is sufficient to offer what the customer actually wants.

The 3008 is the first compact SUV and MPV combination. We are already familiar with a cross between SUV and MPV from other manufacturers. The R-Class, that somehow seemed to be both MPV and estate car at the same time, was a phenomenal belly flop for Mercedes. It was more oriented towards being an estate car. At first glance, the 3008 looks like a slightly blown-up compact SUV. So enough about where it fits in as a guide to orientation.

Peugeot 3008
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Peugeot 3008 - Crossover MPV SUV

In terms of design, this new model can immediately be recognised as a Peugeot. A gaping radiator maw and the well-known headlights pulled far back decorate the front. In line with its claims, the whole car is decorated with plastic side bars in true SUV style. The rear offers a two-part tailgate, putting it in good company with competitors like the Renault Koleos and Ford Kuga.

Naturally, enough consideration is given by the 3008 to the MPV requirement. A variable cabin with seat backs and double loading floor should scare off the usually conservative competitors and take advantage of the airy body.

The cockpit appeals with its aircraft style appearance. Flip switches and a high central console with a good old grab handle for the passenger are new for Peugeot, but suit the character of the 3008 well. From 2001, a diesel hybrid version is to follow for friends of the environment, which will be enough in terms of providing a green image.
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