Detroit 2009: A new slant on bringing up baby

Andrew Hopkins

Next year, US manufacturer Ford plans to fit its latest models with a new technological device. Under the unassuming name 'MyKey', they have come up with a system that should allow parents to sleep more soundly in their beds when the children are out and about in the family car late at night.

'MyKey' is indeed a car key – one that parents can program to their own specification. They can set the maximum speed – for example to 75mph – with the young driver getting an audible alert before this threshold is reached. The radio too can be preset to a maximum environmentally (and socially) responsible volume. And of course, there is also an automatic check on whether the seat belts have been done up.

Although motorised 'children' won't be all that keen on the idea, their parents will love it! Parent appeal: Ford demo 'MyKey'.