A CLS from Ingolstadt

Andrew Hopkins

Before I begin, I'd like to make one thing clear: the Audi Sportback Concept is not a four-door coupé. Even though the marketing strategists would like to portray this dynamic new model from Ingolstadt in such terms. What we have here is a reincarnation of the fastback in it most original form. So for all those auto magazine editors for whom Audi can do no wrong: the Audi Sportback Concept does not represent a revolution in the car market.

Nor need it be. Immediately recognisable as an Audi (we're hardly likely to miss that characteristic grille) and with all the usual Audi accoutrements, it looks exactly how you would expect an elegant, stretch fastback from Ingolstadt to look.

At the front, the proportionally tweaked single-frame radiator grille immediately catches the eye. This is now even wider than before and dispenses completely with vertical elements, thereby further accentuating the horizontals. The customary LED lights razzamatazz was to be expected: it has now become an Audi speciality.