Return to the Moon

Pete Mait

It's now over 40 years since man decided that exploring his own planet wasn't enough and set his sights firmly on the conquest of the Moon. And once the first giant leap for mankind had been taken, they felt it might be nice to organise some sightseeing in the vicinity of the lunar module. Since 'beaming' as a mode of transport lay some distance in the future, they resorted to tried and tested technology and constructed a moon buggy. And who exactly were 'they'? General Motors, of course.

Now NASA have decided to return to the Moon and they've been beavering away on constructing a suitable vehicle for the lunar surface. Attention has focused particularly on the wheels where they intend to make significant design improvements. But with the paranoia that reigned during the Cold War, NASA shredded and pulverised everything that was associated with the original project and left the original lunar rovers parked on the Moon, long before the concept of environmental pollution became an issue. Fortunately, they still have the engineers from yesteryear! The sort who squirrel mementos away in their attic. So it turns out there is still one of the original lunar rover tyres in existence. The octogenarian engineer, whose name has unfortunately not been made public, is now going to assist NASA in their efforts to construct the new moon buggy.