Sporty little numbers

Everyone agrees you can never have too much power under the bonnet, whether in a sports car, a luxury limousine or an SUV. Whilst Mercedes displayed their entire AMG fleet directly alongside their eco-models in Bologna, they relegated the large SUVs to the second row and even the Maybach was found a more discreet home. But this allowed the SLR McLaren 722 GT, produced in limited numbers for the racing circuit, to take the limelight.

Audi followed the same policy as Mercedes, tucking the Q7 V12 TDI away in a corner, but gave the R8 a more prominent position. BMW weren't at the show anyway. But this made Brabus all the more visible with its Rocket 6.3 S Biturbo. Based on the Mercedes CLS and packing a mighty 730 bhp and 1,320 Nm (974 lb-ft of torque), it is absolutely not politically correct. But who cares? The Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed was also there, boasting a far from miserly 610 bhp, and the Americans had brought over the Corvette ZR1 which has 620 super-charged horsepower under the bonnet. Exotic species such as the Pagani Zonda F and the six-wheeled Covini C6W also raised the level of excitement.