Mercedes E-Class 2009 - Star Wars

The most open automotive secret of recent months was finally revealed. Recently, the first photos of the new and long-awaited Mercedes E-Class were already seen, so there was hardly any great surprise in all this. The media had after all gone to a great length in digitally decoding all the spy shots and looking back, it seems that they were quite successful in their efforts.

The LED daytime running lights that had been seen by many as an Audi exclusive have now also been adopted into the star cruiser and put an end to what Audi liked to see as a monopoly. But Audi was simply one of the first manufacturers to have used LED technology and it is certainly not a question of any copying or imitating on behalf of Mercedes. LED technology will in future be adopted into all vehicles classes, right down to the smallest cars.

Otherwise, the four-eyed face remains as was. The front headlights in a new angular form can be interpreted as a modern interpretation of their predecessor, even if they have a slight flavour of Lexus. The 'character line' rising at the sides can be dismissed as a conventional standard that is also reflected by Audi and mainstream BMWs. There is also a raising sill line.

What is really new are the lines of the sides above the rear wheel arches that are just a tad reminiscent of the S-Class and thus upgrade the E-Class stylistically. With the new rear lights, the large tail looks different, but certainly tidy.

About one year after the launch of the saloon will see the follow-up estate version (T-Model) which, with its steep tail, will certainly be able to stow some load. Unlike its competitors, Mercedes will remain true to the estate category with its T-Model, rather than 'casting aspersions' upon the intended use by means of the dropping roof contour like every one else seems to build.

Finally, one can look forward with excitement to the new German top class. You can almost already imagine the countless comparative reports in the media covering every variation between BMW, Mercedes and Audi.
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