The premieres in Bologna

Although the Bologna Motor Show particularly features many Italian premieres, there are also several world premieres, including that of the new Mazda 3 five-door, that are being celebrated here.

The new VW Golf Plus is also being shown in the public eye for the first time and Opel is showing the Zafira ecoM as its world premiere. Peugeot is offering the reworked 107 and further world or European premieres are being made by Japanese and Indian companies which are applying ever more force to their European onslaught.

Apart from this, the entire range of vehicles from mini cars through sports cars to SUVs is there to be gaped at. Some with (still) exotic brands like Infiniti, the luxury Nissan brand. Accessories manufacturers, makers of fan articles, radio stations and publishers, as well as state and other institutions round off the spectacle. Last but by no means least the military are there, as are the police with one of their their prized blue and white vehicles.

Gallardo, naturalmente!
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