Lexus RX - A born fighter

While Lexus presents the new generation of the noble RX SUV, the mainly German competitors are going for a bit more understatement with their SUVs by building them just one size smaller in the form of compact SUVs.

The future Q7, X5 and M-Class competitors will of course be lined up against the Lexus hybrid. As both a raison d'être and apology in a vehicle category that takes a lot of stick from the eco-brigade, you could say that the RX will come straight in playing the strange dual role of a heavyweight preacher.

Its predecessor managed that very well so far and bearing in mind the completely new appearance of the luxury Toyota, it will certainly succeed in getting one over on its German competitors (Mercedes will not be producing their first "Mild Hybrid" in the S-Class until 2009.).

The design was adapted to suit the current Lexus look. Technical, cool and a bit more like the LS in all ways (e.g. the headlights).

The typically chaotic Lexus buttons in the cabin could do with minimising, which would also brighten up the dash panel. What Europe is really just waiting for is a diesel hybrid.
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