Honda FC Sport Concept

A motor manufacturer can have any number of reasons for presenting a design study. They may wish to demonstrate a particular capability without ever moving on to the series production stage. Or it may be intended to whet the appetite for a new model in the pipeline.

But one of the most important reasons is to enhance the image of the marque. Honda have been working on their green credentials for a number of years and have now made inroads into Toyota's hybrid monopoly by thinking two steps ahead and concentrating on the fuel cell technology of the future.

After the FCX Clarity, already in small-scale series production, the Japanese company has now come up with another 'green' prototype. The FC Sport Concept is supposed to show that, just because you have muesli for breakfast, you don't have to miss out on motoring fun.

The low-slung battery and centrally positioned electric motor in this squashed flatfish (in virginal white) are supposed to deliver a sporty performance, though Honda have yet to publish the figures.

The rather eccentric design does seem to preclude the likelihood of series production. Never mind. Honda are certainly managing to boost their green image. So to that extent, the FC Sport has already done a good job.
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