Panamera - Porsche with linear design

It seems that people were unjust to the new Panamera.

The family Porsche that had so far only been known in its disguised version took a lot of stick from many quarters right from the start. The spy photos - deemed to be 'unfavourable' - caused quite a shock among many devotees and other observers. But now that the tarpaulins have been lifted, a pleasant revelation has been made. The way that the Porsche design philosophy has been adapted into saloon format is more than successful and has been complemented by some new lines that were atypical for Porsche.

There are gentle lines running along the upper and lower sides of the Panamera that lend the stout rear end a more elegant appearance. The doors are clearly delineated and add more profile to the side view. The front is typically Porsche and shows new light clusters in the front apron. LEDs are of course taken as read to contribute to tasteful styling. The rear (and in fact the sensation of this car) comes over as a bit plump, yet seen within the full visual context of the, it fits nicely. A Porsche is a Porsche. The extendible spoiler integrated within the profile of the rear window ensures that the drop at the rear end will not create unwanted lift.

All in all, the new Panamera is very appealing - and indeed provides food for thought about whatever else Porsche may have up their sleeves with new models. Taking the new Boxster as an example, it can be assumed that they will be less rounded and have a more sharper profile.

Porsche Panamera
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Panamera - Porsche with linear design
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