Ford Mustang - groomed

Andrew Hopkins

The Ford Mustang used to have the US muscle car niche all sewn up but is now coming in for some tough competition. Dodge have penetrated this 'new' segment with their highly successful Challenger and are giving the veteran stallion a run for its money.

So Ford have decided to spruce up the Mustang to rise to the challenge of the Challenger. Though it has to be said that the changes are by no means radical.

The front now looks a bit fiercer and the large rear lights have been somewhat toned down. The cabin quality, which always came in for a lot of criticism, has now at least been upgraded to reflect the price bracket. But all in all, this is little more than a touch-up job.

On the powertrain side, it's as you were. The Challenger stands up well against even this revamped Mustang. Though in the current economic climate, takers for either are likely to be thin on the ground.