Where is the fastest taxi in the world? In the Middle East

The Arabian sultanate of Oman is normally associated with oil, natural gas and Bedouin tribesmen. Camels are the preferred mode of transport across the desert terrain. The roads, however, are a scene of pure chaos. The grim statistics of 10,000 traffic accidents per year has led to the compulsory installation of a beeper in every car that starts to sound whenever the national speed limit is exceeded.

Some of the top marques also bear witness to the new prosperity in this country. What can you do as the owner of a Ferrari Enzo (complete with beeper) when you're not allowed to drive faster than 120kph and the favourite colour is not scarlet but patriotic orange? You go to your trusted garage and have your pride and joy resprayed. As the taxis in Oman also happen favour the national colour, the central section is sprayed in pristine white to complete the authentic look. After all, a few extra Rial are neither here nor there. The doors also get an original taxi logo with the customary sign on the roof providing the finishing touch. The owner now has the fastest taxi in Oman. Unfortunately, we can't tell you what the fare per mile is.
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