The latest picture galleries

Fascinating new models, strange-looking DIY jobs and red-hot tuning babes. The auto freak will find always find something to tickle his fancy in the autoblog galleries. This week too, the spectrum ranges from spectacular to downright weird.

Particularly stunning are the pictures of the Renault crash tests. We see here how cars are designed for maximum safety.

Absolutely out of this world is the aerocar from 1956. Only six of them were ever built and one has just come up for auction on eBay. We've got shots of this uniquely curious creation.

We also present the first images of the Mini Cooper S Cabrio, the Alfa Romeo MiTo, the Mazda3 (complete with design sketches) and the new Abt tuning models. As a special treat, we have a gallery directly from the 2008 Essen Motorshow. An index of all the new galleries follows on the next page.