Eternally bonded to motorsport

Pete Mait

One of the most sobering certainties of life is that it ends in death. In recognition of this fact, the operators of the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona have hit on an idea for a new business model that could really catch on with motorsport obsessives. For a down-payment of 1500 euros and an annual top-up fee of 50 euros, a total of 5,000 deceased will be entitled to have their ashes scattered at their favourite corner on the track.

So if your head is full of motor racing during your lifetime, you can ensure that you are in close proximity to it for the rest of eternity. With a bit of luck, you could get even closer: if a car spins off on your corner, you might get stuck to one of the tyres or sucked into the air intake. It's not clear whether you would then be subject to an additional fee from Bridgestone or the relevant constructor.

And competitors in the motorcycle events might be in for an even closer encounter with some of their (late) fans than they could ever have imagined, the next time they take a slide.