Even as adults, we still like to play with toy cars. In fact, the only thing we enjoy more is actually constructing them ourselves. And this was the thought that occurred to those nice people at PWM who normally manufacture adjustable workbenches.

Workbenches are not all that spectacular in their own right, although it's fun to dismantle them after they've been used and reconfigure them for a different purpose, which can be quite cool.

Anyway, as we were saying, workbenches are always going to lose out in any comparison with cars. But that wasn't going to deter the boys from PWM. When they arrived at the LA Auto Show, they did their best to vie with their four-wheeled competitors for public attention.

They used an array of workbench components to build a full-scale model car which certainly attracted some curious though not necessarily benevolent or admiring looks. However, what we'd like to know is, when are we going to see a full-size LEGO kit?