Bentley Azure T - Rather a nice little number for a sunny day

Andrew Hopkins

Some might say that the Bentley Azure is something like a piece of luxury vintage furniture on wheels. Solid, unchanged and sort of timeless. Now, by comparison, the new Azure T is almost exaggeratedly 'state-of -the-art'.

The difference to its conventional brother first becomes apparent in the wider-meshed radiator grille and air inlets, as well as the ventilation air intakes on the sides behind the front wings. The sporty variation of the luxury convertible for the gentleman who views 'sporty' as driving without a tie?

Well not really, because the visual appeal is also adequately complemented by the power pack, with its 500 HP. From a regal standstill, it glides up to 60 in 5.5 seconds and with an unladen weight of over 2.7 tonnes you could, shall we say, describe the combined fuel consumption of 14.5 mpg as being 'appropriate'.

In terms of traditional British styling, the I Pod connection and optional sound system with ten speakers and 1,100 watts of amplification may seem to be the equivalent of placing an IKEA table lamp on top of a Sheraton cabinet.

Still, rather than ponder upon that, let's consider where it fits into the grand plan in terms of its grand competitors.

The Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe as well as the Maybach Landaulet suggest themselves spontaneously as candidates in that league. Although both are priced clearly above the Bentley (RR Phantom from € 420,000 and Maybach Landaulet from € 900,000).

Since the "usual" Azure starts at around € 330,000, there should still be sufficient leeway to upgrade and still undercut the other two. Bentley has yet to confirm our wishful thinking in that department.