Joy, passion, blood

Pete Mait

A clinical setting, a flickering fluorescent tube, blood-smeared tools. The new BMW teaser website could have come straight from the latest horror movie or shoot'em-up game.

Yet suddenly, we see yellow, blue and green colours floating across the screen. "What colour is driving pleasure? What shape is passion?" asks the website, leaving the viewer somewhat bemused. The invisible promises to become visible, namely on 14th December. Meanwhile, a clock counts down the time remaining in seconds.

The rumour merchants already claim to know what awaits us: a redesigned BMW Z4, which is what we were all expecting to see at the LA Auto Show but which then turned out to have stage fright. Apparently, there is also a Z2 in the making, destined to appear both as a coupé and as an open-top. So we'll just have to wait and see what happens on 14th December when the blood is eventually wiped away to reveal what lies beneath.