Aston Martin One-77

While we are still drooling over the DBS in the current Bond film, Aston Martin has already lit the fuse for takeoff into ultimate and perfectly-shaped coolness.

The first images of the Aston Martin One-77 really are breathtaking. It certainly looks waspish and features new details. But is there a slight danger of confusing the innocent observer by overdoing things with too much fuss? Previously, Astons always looked smoother and somehow as if they had been more or less cast from the same mould, but the One-77 is somewhat of a break from this tradition.

The air inlets fitted at the side of the front end and running through to the headlights, and the matching air outlets mounted in the side behind the front wheel arches are a fully new departure.

The bonnet is more contoured and at the back, the arched lights are now joined up. Futuristic and possibly with a touch less understatement than one would expect from this British institution?
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