Honda present first surprise egg

The LA Auto Show has just kicked off, and on the very first day of the press preview, there was already one minor cause for astonishment.

And this is what it looks like - the first genuine surprise of this year's car show held in Los Angeles: a Honda design study of the FC Sport fuel cell. Honda's designers in Pasadena are veritable masters when it comes to packaging. The fuel cell has been accommodated in the mid section of the car and powers the electric motor located between the rear wheels.

The FC Sport is a three-seater styled like the McLaren F1, with the driver occupying a central position and the two passengers sitting somewhat further back. The Honda FC Sport is currently no more than a styling concept. But it would not be all that surprising if a fully functional version weren't eventually to appear at some showroom or other. But whether there would be many takers is a wholly different matter...