Citroen C1 - Facelift

Actually, the C1 didn't need a facelift. The little dear hasn't been on the market all that long (2005).

Nonetheless, the decision was taken in France to smarten up this member of the triplets spawned in cooperation with Peugeot and Toyota, and it certainly hasn't done the C1 any harm.

So what have they done? Well, the already eye-catching air intake is mow chrome plated and has been re-jigged just like the rest of the front. The side profile and tail remain untouched. "Never change a winning team" is a guiding principle that we ignore at our peril. And with 310,000 of the C1 having been purchased by an appreciative public, it is quite understandable that the design team were sparing with their pen and ink. It will be interesting to see how soon the Aygo and 107 come in for a revamp.
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