Knight XV armored SUV lets you take your undergound lair with you

The first word that came to mind when we saw the Knight XV was this: warthog. Sure, there are other words you could use, but consider this: it's not attractive, it's ridiculously tough, it's called in to deal with nasty situations and it kills things, all of which tend to be the traits of vehicles that earn the moniker "warthog." Based on the Gurkha military vehicle, the 10,000-pound, Ford F-350 Super Duty-based Knight XV is armored to an unspecified degree, but looks like it will stop more than a pea-shooter. It's got a 6.8-liter V10 that packs 400 hp and 500 lb-ft to keep you moving, and inboard ABS brakes to get you stopped. Those tires are 40-inchers wrapped around 20-inch aircraft-grade wheels. Oh, and it also runs on E85, which means it's more environmentally friendly than any other warthog. Except the hairy one.

Knight XV Specifications
Length 240" (6096 mm)
Width 98" (2489 mm)
Ground clearance 14" (355 mm)
Height 100" (2540 mm)

The KNIGHT XV is built on a Ford F350 commercial platform chassis (making parts easily accessible globally)
Engine: 6.8L V10 gas power plant with E-85 Ethanol Conversion system - Flex Fuel with California emission (making it certified in all 50 US States). Flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) are designed to run on gasoline or a blend of up to 85% ethanol (E85).

Horsepower: 400 HP and torque 498 ft lbs.
4 X 4: Four wheel drive with locking hubs 4.30 ratio limited slip differential transmission: 5-speed automatic
Brakes: Four-wheel disc anti-lock brakes
Wheelbase: 141" (3576 mm)
GVWR: 13,000lbs (5,896 kg)
Armoured Curb Weight: The finished vehicle weight is approximately 10,000 lbs. (4,545 kg)
Fuel tank: 40 gallons (US) (151Litres)
Air conditioning: Factory Air conditioning
Tires: Four LT40X13.50R20 Mickey Thompson Baja Radial ATZ with ballistic run flats
Vehicle armour: The armour specifications as well as the levels of armour are available upon request.