BMW 3 Series facelift - Keeping up with big brother

To coincide with the launch of their new flagship, BMW are also presenting a facelifted version of the 3 series. The highly successful mid-range vehicle from the boys in Bavaria now has to fend off some stiff competition from the Mercedes C class and a strong Audi A4.

Admittedly, the facelift profits from the new 7 series, both as regards technology and styling. Internet access will be available as an optional extra for the 3, just as it is for its bigger brother. The eyelids that have been introduced on the 7 are also to be found on the revamped 3 which makes it look all the more menacing. LED indicators make their contribution to the overall hi-tech effect.

Two new contoured edges in the bonnet give the front end a sharper profile. On the sides, the sill line has been altered and, at the tail end, the Nissan-like rear lights have reverted to their previous L-shaped layout. A return to the previous BMW state-of-the-art design.

Not much has changed in the cabin except for the window winders which are now a little further forward and therefore more ergonomically placed. Actually, there wasn't a lot that needed improving here anyway. They've done a nice job.
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