Viper still selling like hotcakes, ACR sold out

Andrew Hopkins

Chrysler may be burning to the ground like ancient Rome, but its craziest citizen, the Dodge Viper, is out dancing in the streets. Although Chrysler sales overall are reportedly down a whopping 32%, Dodge continues to produce and sell Vipers at a rate of 100 units per month. Not just that, but the Viper ACR – the $105k track-prepped super-snake – is all but entirely sold out... not in spite of the poor economy, but because of it. Chrysler reports that with stock portfolios rapidly losing their value and dollar values plummeting, investors are seeing the Viper ACR – potentially to be discontinued and retaining a high resale value – as a sound investment opportunity. With smile inducing dividends, too.

While GM and Cerberus talk take-over turkey, the fiscal viability of the Viper unit is bound to make it an attractive asset for any number of buyers. So while Chrysler may be counting its days, the Viper is likely to live on for some time yet.