Chevrolet Gpix - US imitator of short-lived trend

Andrew Hopkins

Chevrolet are flogging an (almost) dead horse with the Gpix.

Putting in a first appearance at the LA Motorshow, this compact SUV concept car is riding the bandwagon of the ever more diminutive SUVs that are being hawked around Europe. Admittedly, it doesn't look at all bad. Typically harmonious Chevrolet front, compact dimensions and a few new design tricks such as the seemingly free-floating C-pillar. Hats off to Chevrolet for the way their design has blossomed.

The interior also looks quite futuristic without losing a grip on reality. Of course, they've incorporated the odd concept car gimmick. Technicolor dashboards are no longer considered de trop.

But who needs a two-door compact SUV? As regards market positioning, it seems to be very much in the 2-door Toyota Rav 4 bracket. But that isn't built any more. I wonder why?

Chevrolet are going to have to get their skates on if they really want to launch the Gpix into series production. SUVs are a dying breed, even if the corpse is still twitching. These wannabe roughriders do not represent the future, no matter what size they come packaged in.