The new Mitsubishi Colt - Very angry

Pete Mait

The recently launched Mitsubishi Colt is a sort of Golf VI of the compact class. In other words, little more than a cleverly packaged thorough-going facelift.

After Mitsubishi jumped on the snarling radiator grille bandwagon with their Lancer, it was only to be expected that the Colt would also conform to the new look. The result is a little incongruous, rather like a ferocious guinea pig.

It makes you wonder whether the designers are all paranoid because it seems every new vehicle now has to look aggressive and menacing. Even the compacts apparently. OK, with the Audi A1 that recently took to the stage in Paris, you can see the rationale. After all, when it comes to design, we know that Audi are really cool. But eventually, it starts to look corny. (Sorry, Audi.)

Take a look at the Fiat 500. Sales figures don't lie. A Mini doesn't need to look grumpy and yet it's still regarded as 'cool'. It remains to be seen how well the 'new' Colt goes down with the public. There's more to design than just a monster radiator grille. What are they hoping for at Mitsubishi? To boost the get-out-of-my-way factor?