Suzuki Alto - Mainstream and sweet

According to Suzuki, the new Alto is supposed to radiate casual urban mobility. OK. It's a nice idea but probably the last description that would occur to me on seeing the new midget from the Suzuki stable. It reminds me a bit of the C1, 107, Aygo Trio. Diminutive yet still with five doors. The rear windows only open outwards, though, just as with its three main rivals.

Apart from that, there is little that would suggest this particular model is a Suzuki. Somehow or other, Suzuki have failed to establish an identity of their own. Everything is all too mistakable for something else. The Splash, Swift and Alto have absolutely nothing in common with each other. At least as far as styling is concerned. The Alto takes its motor from the Splash. The 65bhp on offer from the basic diesel should be enough for a 'casual urban' drive. We just have to hope that the price is within reasonable bounds (which I'm assuming anyway).

At last, a suitable run-about for the casual and urban single woman.
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