Renault rolls out F1 edition Dacias in Brazil

Pete Mait

Oh, this is just precious. We have no problem with Renaultsport rolling out F1-themed versions of its hot hatches because, well, they're pretty hot. Some of the hottest hatches around, actually, it's worth re-iterating. But we can't help but feel this is pushing things a little too far.

Renault's Dacia division is supposed to be a budget-oriented, no frills sub-brand. And while F1 may be working on the budget orientation, spec'ing out some low-cost econo-boxes with go-fast bits is a little much. But that's what they're doing at the Sao Paulo auto show soon to kick off in Brazil. To compound the issue, the pair of F1 Team editions of the Dacia Sandero and Dacia Logan receive no mechanical upgrades whatsoever, just a fresh coat of paint and some decals. So while driving enthusiasts may look longingly at F1 Team editions of the Clio and Megane, this is one we can do without.