Alchemist gold-plates an Aston Martin DB7

Aston Martin makes some of the most beautiful cars in the world. Take, for instance, the critically-acclaimed DB7. Based on the Jaguar XJS platform, styled by Ian Callum and introduced to an extremely excited market in 1994, it was the firm's most successful car ever and it is still recognized as a breathtaking design. So, what do you do to make the DB7 even more stunning? Apparently, if you are the Alchemists, you plate it with 24-carat gold and platinum leaf and embed seven diamonds (for 007 we assume) into its shapely bodywork. Or, if you ask us, you paint it in resplendent British Racing Green and leave it exactly as God and Ian Callum intended. The day after the upcoming James Bond flick Quantum of Solace comes out in the U.K., the car will appear at the MPH Show at London's Earls Court and will be just one of 200 supercars on display. We wish they'd leave it at home, or sell it to an oil sheik... anything to get it out of our sight.
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