Ford Ka Individual - Pimp my Ka

Apart from the fact that the Ka is taking its bow in the very trend-conscious 'handbag league', Ford is also a offering an customisation programmed named 'individual' for the benefit of the "I want something special" brigade within their generally younger clientele.

This trend seems to be developing into a mass phenomenon, especially within the minicar sector. Mini started with the hype, Fiat followed on with the 500 and Alfa is also offering appropriate facilities for the MiTO.

From neon green black (looks a bit like a Star Wars toy) through to the popular red and white paintwork, you can virtually develop your own Ka. Ford are not yet saying what the fun is to cost.

Does anyone remember the once-so-popular exchangeable covers for Nokia mobile phones? I'd guess that this individualisation trend for minicars will disappear into oblivion, like my old Nokia 3210.

If not, I suppose it will not be long until we see the first ringtone downloads for electric cars - with the roaring sound of eight cylinders. Let's see.
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