Hyundai i20 - Getz goes European?

Even though you could clearly see the origins of the Hyundai Getz from its appearance, it was a considerable success in the European small car segment.

This helped Hyundai to move away from the cheapo image of Korean cars and convince not a few customers for the future. This successful route is now to be followed by Getz successor - the i20 (oh dear, doesn't that name just sound so dreadfully trendy!) In line with the highly successful C`eed from associate group company Kia, the i20 benefits from a European influence that you can see straight away.

The lines, the materials and the finish are all very European. Even though the front - especially the headlight - comes across as just a bit too European, looking like an Opel Corsa. Should their intention become reality as the first press photos suggest, then the i20 can look forward to a similar success to that of the compact C'eed .

From generation to generation, Kia and Hyundai are becoming more of a force to be reckoned with for established European competitors. So let's see what the future holds in store.