Chevrolet GPiX concept to debut in Sao Paulo

The Sao Paulo Auto Show is shaping up to be more interesting than we thought, but that's no surprise considering how important the South American market is to automakers. As such, Chevy will be revealing a new concept in Brazil called the GPiX that will reportedly inspire a new line of vehicles to replace the Corsa on sale there now. The new line will include sedan, hatchback and truck variants, as well as a small crossover not unlike the GPiX concept itself. While the rear end looks something like that of a Suzuki SX4, the front clip of the GPiX is all Chevy with the now familiar split corporate grille. We do, however, really like the vertical stack of LED lights that flank the long air intake on the lower bumper. We should have more details and high-res images of the GPiX concept after its official debut on Monday at the Sao Paulo Auto Show, so stay tuned.