The hits and misses: Concept cars II

Concept cars are the stars of all motor shows in the world and just what the public loves. In Paris, there was a veritable fireworks display of emotive and innovative ideas. My misses:

The misses

1. Hyundai Genesis Coupé
"The Fast and the Furious" was supposed to have been enough to scare you off. At least that what the Genesis Coupé looks like: as if one of these over-motivated 'Pimp my Ride' would-be gangster mechanics had been given a typically colourless Korean coupé and had been told to get on with it. Where's the blue underfloor lighting? Megaflop!

2. Renault Ondelios
This has absolutely nothing in common with the new Renault design line that has recently gone into series production, and it also sports a rear end with all the elegance of a deep freeze cabinet. Even the shallow 'muesli-wave healthy concept' theme does not help a jot, although in its defence, the hybrid drive deserves a mentione.

3. Chevrolet Orlando
The Chevrolet Orlando never really made media headlines in Paris which, in retrospect, suggests a somewhat unfair extinction. But at least the cabin suggests that this concept is pretty close to series production (clear shades of Opel Insignia). Practical, but not emotively appealing enough for a concept car.
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