The hits and misses: Concept cars I

Concept cars are the star turn at all motor shows and the public love to drool over them. In Paris, there was a veritable fireworks display of emotive and innovative ideas. My personal top three:

The hits

1. Audi A1 Sportback
The Audi A1 conveys the right message for the future. Image has nothing to do with size. The A1 is small, trendy and aimed at the mini market. Despite its modest dimensions, the familiar design elements preserve that cool and classy allure that is typically Audi. The hybrid model should soothe the conscience of any environmentally aware purchaser. Real quality!

2. Lamborghini Estoque
Let's forget rationality for a moment. Auto fanatics need a car like the Estoque just to gawp at. And it's probably true that the whole world has gawped at this Lambo. Good night, sweet Porsche Panamera...


3. Citroen Hypnos

The Hypnos has received more attention for its totally weird cabin layout than for its thoroughly well designed exterior. Brightly coloured seats that are arranged in the form of an interlocking helix. Not exactly sensible or ripe for series production, the Hypnos verges on the dubious. I'm giving it top marks for creativity though, with reference to the forthcoming C4 that shares many of its sensible external design features.