The hits and misses: New Models I

The Paris Motor Show is now ancient history and all its secrets are revealed.
The current top debutantes:

The hits

1. Toyota IQ
Wakey wakey, all you other manufacturers! You consumers are also in for a big rethink. We have just seen the future of mobility. Optional electric motor from the year 2010 plus optimum use of minimal space. Even though this may not to be the liking of certain constructors and owners, executive and mid-range saloons such as the BMW 5 and its ilk are a busted flush. Prestige status in the future will no longer be a matter of size but of image and level of technology.

2. Kia Soul
Intelligent spatial concept in a mini format. You can imagine this, or something like it, as a smarter interpretation of the compact class. With economical engine plus innovative design and use of available space, the Koreans have managed to cast off something of their former dull reputation. Great stuff!

3. Abarth 500 Esseesse
The best proof of the fact that you don't need 510bhp to have fun on the roads. And all at a totally affordable price. Incidentally, you can drive this with a clear conscience, as the 160bhp engine remains within the bounds of decency. There's a lot of history and emotion tied up with the name of Abarth. Crazy but sensible at the same time.