Rumormill: Toyota developing baby roadster based on iQ

Toyota worked up an entirely new platform for its new iQ minicar, which features a very unique 3+1 seating arrangement in an effort to outsmart its competitors. Such a development takes a good deal of resources and Toyota seems to be considering ways to defray that cost through additional models based on the same underpinnings. The latest vehicle architecture to add to the always active rumormill would be a small two-seat roadster.

If the German buff book Auto Motor und Sport is correct, expect the new sub-Miata-fighter to debut in concept form at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and be called the Spider. The roadster would likely get the same powerplants as the normal iQ, including both gasoline and diesel four-cylinder variants. A decision on a production model, though, is likely still a good ways off. Other iQ models said to be waiting in the wings are an upcoming Yaris successor, a hybrid and a mini-minivan. Though we know the iQ has a good chance of being sold in the United States wearing a Scion badge, we have no idea yet how many of these other models could follow.
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