New Mgane Coup stars in Need For Speed

From November 21, video games fans will have the chance to test drive New Mégane Coupé ahead of its release thanks to the latest instalment of the Need For Speed franchise which will be called Need For Speed: Undercover'.

Renault and the specialist video game publisher Electronic Arts have spent almost a year working together and sharing their passion for the automobile.


Created 14 years ago, Need For Speed evolves every year to reproduce the thrills of street racing and is considered by players as the uncontested benchmark franchise, thanks to its prestige line-up of cars and incomparable features and graphics. The game is developed and distributed by the world's leading video games publisher, Electronic Arts, which boasts a catalogue of innovative games that explore new limits in the intensity of the immersion experience.

More information on New Renault Mégane Coupé's starring role in Need For Speed: Undercover can be found at the game's dedicated micro-site Visitors to the site will get a chance to enjoy an 'AgentM09' New Mégane Coupé game.