What the world has been waiting for

Pete Mait

What do we all need in these times of rising oil prices and ever growing awareness of green issues in the automotive industry? That's right – another super sports car!

Preferably a projectile boasting 1001 bhp and a fuel consumption of around 5.8 mpg. If you've got millions in your bank account, you're obviously not bound by environmental considerations.

Against this background, Bugatti have seen fit to present us common folk with their Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport. Essentially, it's the familiar Veyron with removable targa top. Bugatti themselves prefer the designation Grand Sport. After all, it sounds a lot more expensive and makes the €1.4m price tag all the more acceptable.

Incidentally, the gimmick with the removable targa top is something you already get with the Smart Roadster.