VW Pickup Concept - Practical, but not a lot more you can say

Admittedly, trying to conjure a bit of excitement or emotion out of the relative merits of a pickup is on the one hand difficult and on the other hand, an existential question.

With their Pickup Concept prototype, Volkswagen are readying the faithful for Wolfsburg's answer to the Hilux and Navara.
In order to give this 'study' a little more pizzazz, they've equipped the Concept Pickup with radio gear, a blue light and Baywatch-style lifebuoys. The SAR inscription on the sides, standing for 'Search and Rescue', explains the remarkable accessories.
But the SAR designation as well as the lifebuoys amount to little more than concept car frippery.

The front with its headlights linked via a black monobrow grille shows parallels to the new Volkswagen design language introduced in the shape of the Golf VI.

This VW flatbed will go on sale in the German market from 2009 under the staid and more marketable name of 'Robust'.
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