Toyota steps on the gas

Well in advance of the official opening of the Paris Motor Show, the first images of Toyota's latest offerings are appearing in the media.
And the Japanese automotive giant has three such innovations up its sleeve.

For a start, there's the new Avensis. To all intents and purposes, this classically styled mid-range model is going to have difficulty asserting itself in a shrinking segment against competition from the much-vaunted Insignia. Toyota could find the new and stylish Insignia stealing the show from the rather conservative Avensis during the all-important run-up to its market launch.

On the other hand, the IQ (Toyota's answer to the Smart) seems to be just the right vehicle for our modern times.
With four seats arranged in Smart format and an appealing design, they seem intent on taking a bite out of the monopoly currently enjoyed by the Fortwo. And who's to say they aren't on the right track? Particularly when there is the possibility of an electrically powered version sometime in the future.

The Urban Cruiser represents a reinterpretation of the beleaguered SUV concept in the small car range. The vehicle's chunky looks in connection with its snug external dimensions and economical engine seem to be well in tune with the contemporary urban lifestyle – as the name suggests.

The fact that Toyota have a lead over their competitors in the development of this concept works very much in their favour.
Good morning, Europe!