The Renault Megane Coup - Not bad!

Pete Mait

The new five-door Megane somehow gives the impression that the Renault designers have shot their bolt with its predecessor – and still not quite hit the mark. Sort of characterless and unoriginal. A bit of Bravo, a modicum of i30, a touch of Ford etc. Ah well...

In view of the trend towards idiosyncratic compact three-door vehicles, some of which come close to qualifying as coupés and even classify themselves as such, a trimmed-back five-door model would seem to have limited market appeal. The recently unveiled Megane Coupé, which is entitled to claim the designation on account of its three doors and dynamic plunging roofline has been designed to take on the VW Scirocco, identified by Renault themselves as its chief rival.

Apart from the interior and bonnet, the Megane Coupé has nothing in common with its respectable older brother – and quite rightly so. It looks very self-sufficient and the rectangular rear lights are highly reminiscent of the Geneva prototype. The high specification as well as the lack of common components takes the price of the basic model to around €19,000, i.e. more than the five-door version.

It will be interesting to see the first comparisons between the Scirocco and the Megane Coupé.