Skoda Superb - Reincarnation of the true Passat

As we wander through a suburban idyll, we come across neat rows of houses, carefully tended gardens and – yes, you've guessed – a VW Passat on every drive.
Actually, I'm not one for generalising – it would be quite wrong to suggest that only lawn-mowing dads own a Passat. From my own experience, however, I can confirm that a disproportionate number of insurance salesmen seem to have an affinity for this model. As for what really constitutes the typical Passat owner, I'll leave you to conclude from the clichés doing the rounds.

VW's deliberate attempt with the last model change to enhance the market position of the Passat has clearly impacted on the price – the justification no doubt being the chrome bib and monster overhangs. The odd customer in the upper mid-range may have identified the Passat as a more affordable alternative for himself. However, if you're a dad who lives in one of those neat suburban houses, yet you're unwilling to jump aboard the people-carrier bandwagon and the Passat seems to have moved out of your price bracket, Skoda seem to have come up with a suitable alternative.
And you don't even need to turn your back on your favourite manufacturer, because the Superb is built on a familiar platform of VW components. (Including discarded 'Pumpe Duse' diesel technology)

A huge saloon car with plenty of back-seat room for the offspring, an economic and affordable diesel engine and a boot in which you can comfortably stow corpses. At a starting price of 25,000 euros, it's a snip. Despite the design which takes itself far too seriously, this one is destined for success.
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