Skoda Octavia Facelift - Superb!

Let's try and get away for one minute from the mass hysteria that has been unleashed by countless prototypes, concept cars and 'visions' and back to the nitty gritty. While others are coming up with spaceshuttles and eco-hi-tec ultra-versatile models, the manufacturers of 'normal' cars are trying to drum up a bit of interest in their recent releases – even though some of these amount to little more than a facelift.

Currently in the limelight, the Skoda Superb has already received quite few advance bouquets from press columnists. So that the whole Skoda family can enjoy the benefits, the smaller Octavia has now undergone a cosmetic operation to restore the family resemblance. The Octavia now wears a more serious countenance and Skoda have also given the cabin a more upmarket material look (i.e. the usual facelift routine). They have raided the VW parents' larder for the latest in air-conditioning and satnav controls.

There's just one thing that Skoda can't get right, even with the nipped-and-tucked Octavia: the B and C pillars sprayed in the same colour as the rest of the car break up the smooth window line and make the Octavia appear higher in its side profile than actually necessary. Well, it takes all sorts...
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