Renault Z.E. Concept - Eco vacuum flask

Pete Mait

Based on the Kangoo Be Bop, the series version of which is receiving a simultaneous world premiere in Paris, Renault present the Z.E. Concept. A zero-emissions vehicle in the sense that it's an electrically powered car that you recharge from the mains. In order to economise to the maximum on energy, the bodywork of the muesli-eater's Kangoo is constructed of two skins (i.e. the thermos flask principle) so as to achieve perfect thermal insulation of the interior and save energy on heating and air-conditioning – a 'burning' issue not only in the automotive industry.

If the weather outside should become a trifle warm, the yellow-tinted windows ensure that the cabin doesn't get too hot (frightfully realistic). The energy for interior lighting as well as charging up an electric scooter stowed in the boot (it might be nice to have the option of electric hair curlers instead) is generated by solar panels in the roof.

Renault's sister company Nissan are coincidentally showcasing their Nuvu prototype in Paris, a strikingly similar concept.