Renault Kangoo Be Bop - Be Cool.

Following the concept car of the same name, Renault are now presenting the Kangoo Be Bop in Paris. A lifestyle-loaded version of the Kangoo small van that is within the bounds of social acceptability.

At first glance, it looks a little squeezed together. But at second glance, the blue interior equipment and two-tone paintwork clearly found their way through to series production and why not? At 3.8m, the exterior length is more than 'urbanly-acceptable' and the opening roof with rear window suggests sunny moods. Lifestyle in a gift box.

The fact that this trendy box is also great for stowage is beyond question.

The Be Bop is similarly constructed to the current Kangoo with the exception of the B-column and the two-part glass roof stretching above driver and passenger. So whoever approved of the airy spaciousness of the Kangoo will love the Be Bop. It's hard to decide to which category the Be Bop should be assigned. How about 'delivery coupè'?
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