Peugeot HyMotion4 Prologue - High seater family vehicle

Let's forget all about the eco hybrid Trara concept car. Peugeot's series-ready 4008 now awaits. A brief word about where it fits in. The 4008 tends towards the niche of compact van and compact SUV at the same time. This means that it sees its competition, for example, in the shape of a VW Tiguan or indeed also a VW Touran.

The fact that such a hermaphrodite existence can be successful was already proved to us by Peugeot with the 307 SW, which wanted to be both compact estate car and compact car - and succeeded. In the case of the 3008, everyone must decide for themselves whether the hermaphrodite existence can also be visually appealing I don't really like it though. At the back, it looks as if the designer had started to draw a compact van and then somehow tried desperately hard to force in the SUV above the rear light design in the last moments before handover. Fundamentally, the 3008 is a compact van with SUV style features and no more.

But still more authentic than later tarting up a "pedigree" compact van all round by adding cheap plastic components and selling it as a 'cross'. It can but be hoped that Peugeot will also offer the 3008 in a FWD version (unlike the 'cross' competitors), in order to lend some credibility.
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