M-B CL600 + Kicherer = Monumentally Badass CL60

Andrew Hopkins

If Drake, the ur-vampire from Blade Trinity, were a car, this is the car he would be. Starting with a CL600, tuning firm Kicherer didn't waste time throwing pieces at the car's already aggressive styling. Instead, Kicherer attacked the CL's jugular: sloppy performance due to the car's portliness.

The biturbo V12 gets 53 extra horses to corral 570 in total, torque gets smacked up to 664 lb-ft., the engine gets a new transmission control module to better deal with the extra juice, and out back, the rear axle gets a locking rear differential. The car is lowered an inch, and firmer springs help keep things settled when it's go time. Will all this turn the car into a cheetah? Probably not, but with the carbon goodies added throughout and the 20-inch Kircherer RS-1 wheels, it will look mighty good doing whatever it does. You can see for yourself in the gallery below.