Ford Ka, dislocated!

Pete Mait

OH HOW CUTE! Probably the typical reaction of most women (and some men) upon seeing the new Fiat 500. Okay, the design is not bad, but if we are going to go for this car, then please let's have the spiced up Abarth version with its 133 HP.
But in fact we're not talking about the Fiat 500 here; this is about its brother from the same group.

The new Ford Ka is manufactured on the same assembly line, using the same technology as is used for the Italian that has already become so famous.

Although Ford has succeed in externally concealing the close relationship with the 500, there are already a few similarities with the Italian retro Mini that strike the trained eye. But that's not really a tragedy as such.
It's true that evena minicar like the Ka wears the so-called "Kinetic Design" well (a marketing expression for 'looks dynamic'). This was indeed the basis of the sweeping success that Ford enjoyed so far with the Mondeo, Fiesta and others.
With the 500's brother Ka, Ford is presenting the 'more masculine' alternative in the minicar segment for everyone who doesn't want to be just smiled at by the ladies at the next traffic light.

Finally we can also forget the very individually interpreted predecessor of the Ka. This shocked the motoring nation in 1996 with what Ford called "New Edge" design, which was perceived as another expression for 'mutated hamster'. Yet is was successful, despite that, and it will doubtless continue to be, as long as the general public continues to also find hamsters cute.