Citron Hypnos - Acid-trip on wheels

Andrew Hopkins

Let's keep to the outside first. If this completed concept car is really showing the coming C4 then I can't help but seriously worry how conservative the Golf VI became!
Complex lines and surfaces, powerful wheel arches and headlights that I look at again and again and still don't understand, after looking 10 times. Wow!

But the wow factor doesn't really appear until you see the interior.

The seats, separated by a helical centre section, are so colourful that you feel as if the Seventies were back (and I don't mean the furniture design from then). Irrespective of whatever tools or substances the Citroën designers used to inspire their creativity, one thing is for sure: I have never seen anything like it. With their surreal suggestion, even real photos of the interior somehow look like a computer simulation

Should Citroën really be playing with the idea of implementing elements of that interior, we had better start giving severe thought to road safety, because even tunnel vision is harmless by comparison. But it won't come to that. Bearing in mind the exterior, I am really looking forward to the next C4. Oh, and before I forget: fitted with a diesel hybrid, the Hypnos is very environmentally-friendly, just like almost every concept car being presented in Paris. Even though, I am sure that we've had enough of that 'Eco-muesli' nonsense about low rolling resistance tyres and optimised aerodynamics.