Capaciousness with a swoosh

Pete Mait

OK, the wraparound tailgate looks suspiciously like the Audi Q7.
But apart from that, the Insignia Sports Tourer, just like the saloon version, comes across as harmonious and really dynamic. Well done, Opel! Of course, no new Opel would be complete without the swept back sculpting of the front door panels - GM call this design feature the 'swoosh'.
Opel too have at last had to recognise that an estate car with a tried and tested name such as 'Caravan' doesn't sound half as snazzy as 'Sports Tourer'. But they're right...

We have to face up to the fact that the familiar estate car suffixes are on the way out.
On the other hand, it matters not a jot what the thing is called. At the end of the day, the Insignia will make a huge contribution to the revival of Opel and will thus provide serious competition for the likes of the Passat and the Mondeo.